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Blum masterfully presents the latestscientific information and gives patients practical, natural, and safe ways tohelp the immune system heal. Susan Blum re-establishes food as the most fundamental and powerful mediator of health and wellness.

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T"he Immune System Recovery Plan" provides a wealth of information, based on leading-edge science, that will surely have a profoundly positive impact on the vitality and longevity of its readers. Thank you Dr. Susan Blum. We are witnessing a significant increase in autoimmune inflammatory diseases, which include more than 80 different diagnoses.

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Blum has done a magnificent job helping the reader to understand how this fat burn stamford ct of inflammatory disorders, including arthritis and fibromyalgia, can be managed with the diet and lifestyle program she developed in her practice. Her step-by-step approach is based on her considerable years of experience as a physician, and the emerging medical science that, for the first time, has developed an understanding of how genetics, lifestyle and nutrition play a role in origin of these disorders.

The approach described in Dr. Blum's book represents the leading edge in the lifestyle management of chronic inflammatory disorders.

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It is a 'news to use' book that provides real assistance to those with inflammatory disorders who are looking for a clinically sensible approach to their problems. This book s information is life-changing! Susan Blum takes the whole person into account, using practical tools such as understanding food as medicine and stress management, healing your gut, and supporting your liver.

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